Illustrations for 'Girls' by Michael Social    2008

Ink and Wash on Paper, folio of drawings, various sizes.

These are some illustrations I produced at the request of my friend 'Michael Social', who has written a bizarre, spiraling narative that is something like a cross between a pornographic autobiography and a lucid dream. He'd come over during evening production sessions and say 'I need you to draw me . . ' and I did. I deny all responsibility for this content, I was just doing what I was told.

Prior to this, I hadn't been drawing much for a long time. Apart from working diagrams, I don't work much on paper before I make sculptures, so this was a pleasant interlude, even if it did take up rather a lot of evenings. And this is only part one . . .









'Girls' is a 1200 word novella with 20 illustrations like the ones above. After a few pre-releases, including a limited sale at the MCA Zine Fair in May 2008, it was officially launched at the Workshop Showroom on May 30th, 2008. If you'd like a copy, contact me here and I'll see what we can do.

Michael also makes films. Check them out and contact him at his Youtube Channel or his Myspace

All images copyright of the artist